Re-entry accomplished

I am actually writing this by hand–and none too neatly–but the program converted my handwriting to text as I wrote, quite accurately, and enabled me to insert it directly into the WordPress box. This is so amazing that my inner Kantian says, Everyone should do this. I also have full editing capability as I go, just as if I were typing in Word.

This is absolutely the coolest thing since cats and grandkids, and I’ve had it out of the box just two hours and 15 minutes.

I will very soon resume editing documents and writing about something besides the mechanics of writing.


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4 responses to “Re-entry accomplished

  1. Well I very rarely say this, but ‘WOO HOO!’ 🙂 I also dearly loved the object lesson on the preciousness of patience, coming to us in all these life events but so hard to wait for.


  2. DL Wood

    Congratulations Lauren. Dave —


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