Free e-books for life

I note that Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal is offering a slew of mysteries today for $.99, but none of these will solve the real mystery all men have needed to know, and that all men have secretly if not openly desired to know since the Fall: how in the world to unburden himself of his sin. Sin is a problem, and the cleverness of man and the wisdom of the world cannot solve it. No amount of gazing into the particulate matter of the crystalline structures of the universe is going to be of the slightest help; nor is being nicer than your neighbor.

If you’re looking for some summer reading to jerk you into realizing the need for something entirely else, something that could lead you to the knowledge of free grace, the forgiveness of your sin, and the peace of unconditional surrender to and unconditional acceptance from God, is offering a boon.

At their free e-book website, monergism is offering John Piper’s sermons on the first eight chapters of the book of Romans. (There are a couple of defective pages in the beginning with some repetitive sentences. It’s a free book. Be forgiving. Get past the misprints. The substance is near.) Romans is the crux of the word of God. It’s all right there: free grace and how to freely obtain it; why you need it, why there’s no other way to salvation from sin, why you’re not too bad to get it, why you’re not too good to need it. Also featured in Romans: why sin leads to eternal death, and why salvation through grace alone leads to eternal life.

While you’re checking that out, they have a lot of other swell free e-books, too. Like Pilgrims Progress, and other timeless — as only wisdom and truth can be — hits.


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  1. Janet

    May God bless you, Lauren, for your gentle and faithful witness.


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