When we cross the Snake River on the Red Wolf Crossing Bridge, we are still in Washington, but we cross from Asotin into Whitman County. Saturday, we headed across the Red Wolf Crossing Bridge, and proceeded north through the most beautiful canyon country in our immediate area. We hiked a loop trail in a park at Wawawi, enjoying river scenery, lavishly redolent black locust, and a grassy bluff with its tall ryegrass, blooming lupines, and arrow-leaf balsam.

The name Wawawi means place of councils. There was a town there, thriving on its 168 acres of peach, plum, and apricot orchards until the 1970s, when it seemed good to flood the whole thing for the Lower Granite Dam; fruit trees can hardly compete with electrification.

From Wawawi, we took a pleasant loop home through Colton and Uniontown. We stopped at all three antique shops in Uniontown, finding them uniformly unexciting, but for the small tabletop grinding wheel my husband had wanted all his life, for $10.

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