Minutes from home

After a harrowing few days of realizing that the voice-recognition software that enables me to use a computer was crashing, and concluding that the problem was not amenable to diagnosis, we discovered, after deleting and utterly uninstalling Dragon NaturallySpeaking and reinstalling it, that the root of the trouble was a microphone issue. My husband has always been one who can fix a problem, and although he steadfastly refuses to run for president, he did find a way to get my microphone up and running again, and better than ever at that. With relief surging in my veins, we headed down our road and over the ridge after church to appreciate what God has done for us in bringing us to this beautiful place, and although the wind was brisk enough to knock my focus, I was grateful to chronicle the Snake River and its landscapes, prismatic rocks, and farms near our home.

Click on any photo for a self-paced slideshow.


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One response to “Minutes from home

  1. I loved all the pictures, L. They were such a beautiful thing to encounter this Monday. And even more beautiful to encounter is your software back up and running :-). Both things fill me with gratitude and seem like a tangible aspect of our hope in our God who makes all things, all the formless void, and all the seemingly chaotic providences, beautiful in His time.


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