Free miscellaneous boons for the quiet and limited life

Free audio books. Dedicated volunteers enable LibriVox to offer a comprehensive selection of very well read recordings of public domain books. Everything at LibriVox is free to download and keep. Such trove as Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, Luther’s Commentary on Galatians, Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress and other works; works by J. C. Ryle, Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, and plenty of fiction and poetry for those so inclined are among their steadily growing offerings. Getting to hear Pilgrims Progress and other good stuff in my companionable Walkman as I clean my house, cook, ride my exercise bike, etc., edifies me substantively, while displacing my own somewhat less edifying mentations. I have so much enjoyed the fruits of the LibriVox folks’ efforts that I wanted to give a pitch for them not only to share the booty, but perhaps to encourage others to take part in producing more audio books. I’m trying to work up the nerve. Check out their catalog at LibriVox.

Free migraine inhibition device (it helps me). Most people have this device on hand; it’s called a hat. It’s not as dumb as it sounds, and in my experience it’s definitely not as dumb as some people think it looks. You may also need sunglasses. There are many causes of migraines, and at least this remedy is safe to attempt at home without recourse to medical supervision, so you can always try and see if it helps you. It’s definitely cheaper and safer than Botox injections, which did me absolutely no good, and it’s not potentially heart-harming as may be the typical prescription migraine remedies — which, don’t get me wrong — most definitely have their place and have kept me out of the ER many times.

When my neck stiffens to approximately sequoia hardness, and my scalp feels like I am being scalped, I know the big throb is coming. Putting on a hat seems somehow to compose the throbbing nerves in my scalp, and as often or more as not, has belayed a full-blown migraine. I had a bout of daily migraines last week, and I finally remembered to put on a hat when my neck stiffened or I had any pain in my scalp at all, and the migraines seem to have stopped settling in. I can offer no valid clinical explanation for this, and I don’t know that anyone can.

Occipital neuralgia has, in my case, a perfect symptom overlay, but sometimes the headaches become actual migraines. I have sustained some neck injuries, compliments of drivers who, many years ago, were irresistibly attracted to the rear bumper of my underweight car — two of them one year — resulting in herniated discs that cause intermittent nerve impaction in my neck. I have extremely light-sensitive eyes, and it seems likely that when light aggravates the nerves of my eyes, the aggravation is communicated to the nerves of my scalp, causing neuropathic scalp pain, and sometimes triggering (or at least preceding) a migraine, possibly by further communication with the trigeminal nerve. Whatever is actually going on, putting on a hat and sometimes sunglasses as well, seems to help to deflect the migraine.

Hats are not controlled substances. I am not practicing medicine without a license (or with one), but I believe I am still be permitted to think and even communicate my thoughts without a license. In any case, I receive relief from a hat, sometimes adding sunglasses for a helpful, if quaint, ensemble, and I don’t require Maxalt or Imitrex when it works.

If the hat trick works for you, great; it’s free if you own a hat, cheap if you don’t, and I can’t imagine any harm in trying. I am not a doctor, nor was I meant to be. All necessary disclaimers are rigorously implied and should be most fervently inferred.



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4 responses to “Free miscellaneous boons for the quiet and limited life

  1. Leona

    I have suffered from migraunes for over 1/2 of my life… I have found that a tight ponytail can relieve the pressure I feel when an attack is comimg on. The placement of the ponytail has to be high on the back of my head to be effective, but it works more than 1/2 of the time.


    • Whatever works! I find I can’t bear to have a pony tail–it feels like I’m being scalped. The hat seems to compose the scalp nerves–and it keeps my hair out of my way.

      Coffee seems for now to be helpful in migraine prevention and mitigation. Some still break through, but not every night. When one hits now, it’s less severe than the ones I was having before I started drinking 3 or 4 cups of throughout the day, and I can usually get rid of them now with sumatriptan tablets. The tablets almost never worked before. They’re a LOT cheaper than Maxalt, which has no generic equivalent.


  2. Ruben has been having migraines for a few weeks now — I will have to try the hat remedy for him :-). Thanks much for that tip. Praying for you, L.


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