Snippets of mercies

Reading Job this time around, my mind desires to make couplets and triplets from non-adjacent verses:

You have granted me life and favor,
And Your care has preserved my spirit. (10:12)

Know therefore that God exacts from you
Less than your iniquity deserves. (11:6)

Changes and war are ever with me. (10:17)

The tents of robbers prosper,
And those who provoke God are secure —
In what God provides by His hand. (12:6)

He pours contempt on princes,
And disarms the mighty. (12:21)

But it is easy to be tempted to do this throughout the book of Job, because Job is nothing if not thematic, and God’s revelation to the lamenting patriarch leaves no loose ends. Job’s lesson is, of course, our instruction, but I find myself almost envying him a little to have his misapprehensions so completely resolved and to have received so complete a reversal of his misfortunes. Job experienced the fullness of God’s sovereign mercy in his lifetime, but the extraordinary thing is that he fully realized this. Very few if any at all among us living will experience God’s sovereign mercy in as profound a way as Job did… and if we did, I wonder whether we would even apprehend the marvel of its gratuitousness.

Thanks in part to my cat having some announcements to make, my husband and I were up this morning to see the lunar eclipse. It was beautiful: red-edged and sun-bright against the clear, black, star-accented sky. I thought of the mercy God had given me, the mercy of wonder itself. To enjoy with wonder is indeed a merciful gift there is no way to deserve. Changes and war may ever be with me, but I doubt the robbers skulking in their tents have the same sense of wonder I mean.

I think today was the most beautiful wintry day the season has presented up to now. The tall spindly grasses had their proud day of glamour, wheat-white in sun-glinted frost that persisted throughout the day in the shade, even after the temperature became quite mild in the sun. Sunshine and beauty are certainly blessings, but it is only by gratuitous mercy that we appreciate them.

Ah, my husband just came in from his conservatively heated 55° shop and announced the winter breezes.


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  1. Beautiful post, my L.


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