One of those generally happy days

I’d probably be a better interpreter of my life if I understood more about wave physics; but in the absence of any interest or aptitude in that discipline, I settle for the subjectivity of mere reflection. In any case, I also have to wonder, whose life needs an interpreter anyway?

Things come up that simply can’t be put off or dealt with as if they were just wonderful when they are in fact significantly lousy and stressing. One of my friends — we go back 35 years together — recently died of Lou Gehrig’s disease unexpectedly early, and grief eruptions have alternated with peace and distraction for the past month. Facts — including spiritual facts — do not immdiately bring peace to situations like this. Other sorts of cheerless tidings the barking wolf announces at our threshold may be fact-mitigated. Things that upset equilibrium, and things that level equilibrium, come in waves. In fact, I see an equilibrium leveler — a Swainson’s Hawk cruising the sky outside my window — right now. Earlier this morning, he touched down on our deck; it was almost as if he were there to assure us the wolf had departed. Later in the morning, seven whimsically serious-looking quail convened on the same deck rail, restoring humor to my threshold.

If that were not enough, my daughter and I had our first Skype video call today. And in fact, she called to set up the Skype call just before I thought I was about to finish this post, and so provisioned a surprise ending for me.

There she was, my beautiful Daughter the Admirable Woman; and there she was, my beautiful one-month-old granddaughter in actual action, such amazing action…action that we decided — my daughter actually proposed it — would best be tracked with weekly Skype calls. Now that is quintessential admirability.

Most happily, the wolf travels alone, and someone’s always on the waves behind and ahead.


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  1. Heidi

    Oh, I am so happy about the happy ending to this post 🙂 And what a wonderful picture.


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