Definition of a baby; and other recent observations

A baby is an instrument of comprehensive and total transformation, weighing usually somewhere between about 6 and 9 pounds, that seems to take an interminably long time to manifest actual physical being, and then emerges into actual physical being very suddenly, yet as if it has been there all the time.

Babies emit an inaudible frequency that alters adult thought patterns. As everyone knows, all babies look alike; however, each individual baby emits a frequency that causes everyone in its own sphere to perceive it as uniquely distinguishable. Babies also emit many, many sounds on the audible spectrum.

And babies do not only alter visual perception. They alter actual behavior as well. People who never desired to have, for instance, a webcam on their computer, cheerfully install these formerly fearsome objects so that they may see and be seen by the baby through such means as Skype calling. Presidents can only aspire to extract people from their comfort zones in the way babies do.

Babies transform women into mothers, and mothers into grandmothers, and men into fathers, and fathers into grandfathers. They enter the world as sons or daughters, perhaps as brothers or sisters or cousins or second cousins, or nieces or nephews; they redefine people as cousins and second cousins and great-aunts and generate new relationship titles throughout their spheres of influence. All babies are potential friends of others whom they have not yet met. They transform fragmented relationships into families. Babies are the natural revelation to mankind that the family is the template of creation. They glorify God just by showing up.

Hence, babies distinguish themselves from all other creation.



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6 responses to “Definition of a baby; and other recent observations

  1. ‘Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise’ (huge smile).


  2. That is my grandbabies, of course!


  3. You better believe it! Great observations, Lauren. I had almost, almost, forgotten how wonderful, how eye opening, it is, to have a baby around. I am currently enjoying my 12week old twins. A special creation indeed!


    • Ruby! How great to see you! I saw your grandbabies on your blog. You are so blessed to be able actually there, where they are. ENJOY THEM!! That is exactly what they’re good for at this time of their lives. 🙂


  4. Lauren! Congratulation on this new wonderful life in your family! I can only try to imagine the blessed feelings of seeing and holding the child of your child! What joy!!! God is good!


    • Thanks, Mo… my daughter’s family is 3600 miles away, and for the time being, Skype will have to do as the next best thing to holding. But none of this diminishes any of the blessings or God’s goodness.


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