Recent visitors

This praying mantis is the first visitor to check out the screen of my new study window. I think he adds a fair amount of contour to the landscape.

Papa quail stands vigil while his mate and their seven chicks feast on seeds in the lawn below the deck. The quail family favors us with visits most evenings.



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4 responses to “Recent visitors

  1. mo

    We use to catch them and put them in mayo jars. I am in Chicago. We had a abundance of grasshoppers of all sizes too. I hated walking through the grass when the grasshoppers were active. They would jump and hit your legs…felt like they were stinging. We also had monarch buttlerflies and dragon flies all summer. Of course this was in the early 60’s, we were living in an area surrouned by prairies and forest preserves. I don’t think my kids have ever seen a giant grasshopper…sad.


    • I knew you were in Chicago now; I thought maybe you grew up in the South because I don’t think of Chicago is especially warm… 🙂 it’s amazing though how much the built environment has changed. Of course Illinois is prairie and forest — or it was. I remember those giant grasshoppers in upstate New York, in my early childhood years too. I haven’t seen one in years anywhere. It’s not like I miss them especially, but it is as if we have given something up for something… else.


  2. mo

    I have never seen a quail here in the midwest, he is quite beautiful. When I was young we used to see praying mantis all the time in our large back yard. Have you ever seen the insect that looks like a piece of wood. We called them walking sticks. Haven’t seen one of those in probably 50 years or so.


    • Where did you live when you saw walking sticks? I remember seeing pictures of them, but I don’t remember seeing one. Apparently they favor very warm climates, even the tropics. If I’d ever seen one, it must’ve been in Houston.


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