Such a friend

When our pastor let us know Tuesday that Mark had died earlier that very morning, I knew that none of the multitude of lives he had touched would ever be the same. Particularly in his home church–our former home church–his absence would leave a crater. And that is because every single person Mark loved — and I think this was nearly everyone he knew — Mark prayed for. And Mark’s prayers, we can all be certain, brought grace to our lives.

Mark was a far, far better friend to me than I was to him. And I’m not the only one: I think every single person who was blessed to know Mark was Mark’s friend, and Mark was a better friend to all of them than any could be to him. His wife Sharon told me yesterday she thought this was true too, even for herself. How could anyone be as good friend to Mark as he was to them? Mark had a very special gift this way. I have never known anyone who could confront with love the way Mark did. The Word of God was his breath. The church of God was his life. His family was his reward. I think this lovely descriptor that J. I. Packer applies to John Owen applies to Mark as well: “a traveler on earth who grasped God like one in heaven.”

And so, as my husband noted, now Mark, my brother, my first friend in heaven, knows who really wrote Hebrews. Worthy is the Lamb. . . .


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2 responses to “Such a friend

  1. Janet McCormick

    Well said dear friend.


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