Stay well, die young

It occurred to me this morning — and my cynical mind generates such thoughts fairly regularly — that the impossible mission of the new American healthcare system, if something so unsystematic may be called a system, encourages Americans to stay well because the alternative is unaffordable, while an underlying imperative suggests that if you live too long, you will live only to face abject penury, as well as inflict it on others who have also paid into the false security of Social Security. The rationale of health insurance and its exorbitant cost — unless you are a government employee — now matches that of the atomic bomb: we spend everything we have on what we hope to God we will never need to use.

Brought to you by the same sponsors is a ban on the words “Merry Christmas” in banks. I noticed a news clip about a little community bank in Perkins, Oklahoma that received a letter from the Fed, warning the small local institution that the Merry Christmas buttons worn by tellers and some — horrors — religious symbols could suggest the “appearance of discrimination,” and therefore were not permissible in a federally insured institution. Big hands, small brains. Presumably Sen. Inhofe will send the Fed a memo, alerting the awesome powers to the long stream of case law upholding the First Amendment in such things. What next? Someone says Merry Christmas to you, and you immediately suspect discrimination is forthcoming? “Merry Christmas” is more likely to portend discrimination than fraudulent letters of foreclosure being released “by accident” by TARP-funded banks? Okay, so the age of wisdom is behind us….

As I read through the book of Hebrews yesterday, I was reminded of the underlying cause of the criminal idiocy that dominates our news. In every age, men have opposed God, the author of truth, the source of wisdom. As the third chapter of Hebrews so clearly sets forth, opposition to truth is founded in unbelief, and unbelief is disobedience, and disobedience is unbelief. While unbelief prevails, truth is opposed, wisdom is subverted, and the unthinking thinking the unthinkable will dominate the landscape.

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